Fall 2008 Colloquia

September 8

No colloquium scheduled

September 15

Enrique Merino, Indiana University Department of Geological Sciences

How terra rossa clays form, and why terra rossa & karst limestone are associated: serendipitous geodynamics revealed by petrography, paleomagnetism, & dynamic modeling

September 22

Janok Bhattacharya, University of Houston
Hyperpycnal Rivers and Prodeltaic Shelves in The Cretaceous Seaway Of North America

September 29

Robert Sullivan, Cornell University

Wind-driven particle mobility on Mars: Insights from Mars Exploration Rover observations

October 6

No colloquium, GSA in Houston

October 13

Chris Paola, University of Minnesota

Not fake anything: new results and scaling in experimental stratigraphy

October 20

Hersh Gilbert, Purdue University

Lithospheric Foundering in Continental Deformation

October 27

Sam Bowring, MIT

High precision U-Pb geochronology and earth history

November 3

Andreas Teske
The deep marine subsurface biosphere

November 10

John Jones, NASA

SNC Meteorites and what they tell us about Mars

November 17

Chusi Li, Indiana University Department of Geological Sciences

Siberian Traps, the most severe mass extinction, and the largest Ni-Cu-PGE deposits on Earth

November 24

Joe Macquaker, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Source rocks and sequence stratigraphy: Dispelling myths about the optimal environments of source rock deposition