Science Fest 2015 – Brought to you by the IU Geophysical Society

A giant THANK-YOU to everyone who contributed, in one way or another, to make this year’s IU Science Fest a great success! We had a total of eight great science outreach programs, hundreds of visitors, and great visibility for Geological Sciences at IU. There was a great turnout by our faculty and student volunteers, and a wonderful pitch-in to get everything transported, set up, broken down, and cleaned up by the end of the day.

Special thanks to Cody Kirkpatrick, who served as our faculty liaison for the event this year, and to all of our volunteers: Cherie Achilles, Devon Colcord, Allie Fox, Anthony Frushour, Patrick Griffin, Chris Helou, Hui Huang, Alice Hui, Anna (Nowicki) Jessee, Chris Jessee, John Kearney, Cody Kirkpatrick, Michael Lara James, (Chian-Heng) Lee, Matt Lilley, Shay (Xuechang) Liu, Suzanne Mulligan, Zach Osborne, Gus Schaefer, Matthew Shirley, Paul Staten, Ian (Yinzhi) Wang, Shui-Jong Wang, Bryan Wathen, Annie White, Molly Williams, Xiaotao Yang, Ryan Yohler, Qian Zhang, Alex Zimmerman.

Be sure to check out the video from our last volcanic eruption of the day! Thank you again for making this year’s Science Fest a success!